V.le Mazzini, 132
00195 Roma,

Masseria Li Reni, Manduria-Avetrana km 3
74024 Manduria (Ta)

74024 Manduria (Ta)

” Il vino è vita e gli uomini che lo
fanno hanno spesso alle spalle
storie straordinarie “

Bruno Vespa

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Credits Sandro Michahelles Photographer
Bruno, Alessandro e Federico

Vespa Vignaioli per Passione is the name with which the company Futura 14 has presented itself to the Italian and international wine market since 2014. Bruno Vespa is a television journalist who has been passionate about the world of wine since the 70’s when the great Luigi Veronelli taught him to love that world and the men and women who make it up. For decades Vespa had been telling its story in his articles and one day he decided to become a wine producer himself bringing his sons Alessandro and Federico on board and forming the company. The Vespa family owns the splendid Masseria Li Reni, located in Manduria in Puglia, with its over 34 hectares of land covered for the most part by long established vines and with a small part in the recent planting phase.


Entrepreneur and Italian winemaker (Born: Monterubiaglio, Terni, 1948).

After obtaining the title of oenologist in 1968, he established the Falesco Winery Srl in 1979 with his brother Renzo, who is also an enologist, with the aim of rediscovering the ancient grape varieties of the territory. Then in 1981, he set up Riccardo Cotarella Srl, the viticultural enological consultancy company of which he is president.

An internationally renowned winemaker, Professor of Viticulture and Oenology at the University of Viterbo, Tuscia, and Aggregate Academic at the Georgofili Academy, he has been president of Assoenologi since 2013. He has consistantly maintained a commitment to the community through his profession as oenologist, mentoring the viticultural training of the young people of the community of San Patrignano, participating in the “Wine for Life” project of the Community of Sant’Egidio, and working with the Cremisan winery in Bethelem (Palestine), a company run by the Salesian community. In 2014, he was chosen as president of the Scientific Committee for the preparation of the Italian wine pavilion of Expo 2015. Also in 2014, he was elected as PRESIDENT OF THE UNION INTERNATIONALE DES OENOLOGUES.

A biography of him as entrepreneur was published by N. D’Antonio under the title Riccardo Cotarella: Quasi un Ritratto in 2012.